The Journey Begins…

Welcome! to La Bella Vita which means, “A Beautiful Life…” I decided to name my new blog just that, because I’ve gone through life finding the beauty in everything – people, environment, situations, experiences and much, much more. Life is truly beautiful (smukke – beautiful in Danish) if you take the time to realize it.

It’s been a long time since I last blog, years in fact. But, because my passion is sharing my knowledge and life experiences, I’ve decided to share my journey once again. Currently, besides spending time with loved ones, working hard on my empire, spending time with my 2 lovely furkids – Laurent the Frenchie and Saint the Mini Beagle, I workout at the gym and it’s my second solitude besides driving. I feel that working out not only helps me clear my mind but, it also helps me to stay grounded and fit to take on new challenges as they come.

XoXo, VA


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