Our Engagement…

Everyone has their story and this is ours. We got engaged on the 21st of February 2019. I would like to think of our engagement to be a unique and special, as my Fiance’ got down on 2 knees instead of 1 like everyone else does and presented me with the huge sparkler. He was definitely nervous but, he was really cute as he was smiling sheepishly and I melted with those Husky-like Hazel eyes of his. He definitely has one of the most beautiful eye colours I’ve ever seen if I truly had to be honest. Somedays, they appear to be grey with a hue of golden brown in them and other days, they appear to be green with some brown in them. Hybrids are the best aren’t they? ❤ He's half Korean and half American in case anyone was wondering.

We’re engaged!! 😀

He wanted the whole world to know that he was off the market too hence he wore an Engagement Ring too. His is 18k white gold with a rose gold line in the middle.

Our Engagement Rings. ❤


I love my Engagement Ring SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!! Thank you my Fiance’, my Hubby…


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