Thinking of Getting An Ink? Read This First…

If you’re reading this, this can only mean that you’re either thinking of getting a tattoo or looking for some ink ideas to add to your current collection. For the Ink Virgins, getting a tattoo is like tying the knot (getting married) or getting a pet. It’s a lifetime commitment that you need to be sure of. Of course these days, you can get laser removal if you regret your decision but it’s going to hurt way more than getting the ink done and it’s also going to cost way more and many sessions to get it all off.

Also, after deciding on what design to get, you need to make sure you do proper research about the meaning, the background and also if you’re getting it done in a foreign language, make sure it means what you think it does. Many people make the mistake of getting kanji (Japanese characters) thinking it’s supposed to say a certain something but it end up saying something else. You wouldn’t want your tattoo to say Fat Pig when you wanted it to say Courage right? LOL.

So, you’ve found a design you really like and you’re ready to commit to it. You need to do your research next on the tattoo artist that you’d like to visit to help you bring your vision of the piece to live on your skin. Take note that an experienced, talented tattoo artist will not come cheap. Afterall, they are putting art on your skin that will last a lifetime. To be very honest, when I was in College, I had limited budget and I made some bad choices when it came to my inks. Don’t get me wrong, I never got a tattoo drunk or put an ex’s name on me. My regret was I had cheap tattoos done that didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to look on my skin and because of that, when I finally was earning better money and got to know more tattoo artists, I got coverups. Therefore, save up for the tattoo you want. ๐Ÿ˜€

What’s a coverup? Well, it’s when a tattoo artist covers your current tattoo with a whole new piece of art. A good tattoo artist will be able to completely cover the old tattoo to a point that you can’t make out what was previously there. So, that’s the second option besides getting laser tattoo removal.

  1. What should you do before going in for your tattoo appointment? Make sure you shower. Afterall, if your tattoo piece is a huge one, you might be seated there for hours with your tattoo artist. Who wants to be seated next to someone smelly right? A happy tattoo artist will be able to give you the best tattoo. Happy Tattoo Artist = Nice Tattoo = Happy Client. ๐Ÿ˜€
  2. Second thing to do is, make sure you eat something before your appointment. I’ve heard of people fainting from getting a tattoo.
  3. Don’t drink alcohol the night before or just right before getting a tattoo. You need to sit still during the whole process. It thins your blood and will make you bleed alot.
  4. No sun tanning as well. A sun burned skin is not going to be fun to be tattooed and the artist might reject tattooing you.
  5. No drugs. You shouldn’t be taking any meds or drugs before a tattoo appointment. I’ve heard horror stories from a tattoo artist about how he/she had to ink an intoxicated person.

How Does Getting A Tattoo Feel

For me it feels like you’re being scratch with a needle. I have pretty high pain tolerance so it might feel different for you. Plus, the thinner the skin is and is close to bone and nerves, it’ll hurt more compared to in spots where there isn’t much nerves. Btw, more needles, more pain. Ouch!! There’s more needles for bigger pieces and colouring in areas. For me, it was more painful when I got my wrist tattoo compared to getting my back tattoo for instance.

Turbine + Wild Lily on my wrist. I got this done in 2015.

Tattoo Steps and What To Expect

  1. The area will be shaved and sanitized to prep the area where the tattoo will go.
  2. The design of the tattoo will be stenciled onto the spot where the tattoo will be. At this stage, if you’re not happy with the placement, the tattoo artist will clean it and re-place the stencil until you and the artist is happy.
  3. You will then either sit down or lie down in a position where it should be comfortable for you and the tattoo artist to work on you.
  4. This is the best part, the fun part when the needle touches the skin.
  5. The tattoo artist will wipe off excess ink or blood as she/he inks you.
  6. When the tattoo is completed, the tattoo piece will be wrapped up to prevent it from getting infected. You should remove the wrap after an hour or so and wash your new ink gently with cool clean water.
ApohApoh working on my back piece.
My complete back piece

If you’re interested in getting a unique and cool piece done by Apoh, you can check her work out at: and she can be contacted at ๐Ÿ™‚

Your tattoo will take about 4 weeks to 6 weeks to heal completely. During the first 1-2 weeks, it will start to scab and peel and it’s going to be super itchy when it’s healing. Do not pull or scratch it at any cost. You should also avoid wearing tight clothing during the healing period. No swimming or sun tanning as well. This will cause the tattoo to get infected or fade in colour as well. You should also avoid very hot showers the first week atleast. Dab dry your tattoo with a clean paper towel after each shower and apply the aftercare cream that your tattoo artist recommends.

Also, another thing to note, tattoo is very addictive. That explains why I have so many pieces. I also have a half sleeve. ๐Ÿ˜› I feel tattoo is way to express your individuality. Btw, all my ink have special meanings to me.


My Furkids, Laurent & Saint…

I’m a proud Pawparent to 2 furkids, Laurent and Saint. Laurent is a French Bulldog and Saint’s a Pocket Beagle. I didn’t know that Pocket Beagle’s existed until I did a search. They’re basically Beagles but a miniature version of the breed. I got Laurent in December 2017, just a few days before X’mas. I remember feeling both worried to leave her at home for more than 4hrs on her first day at her new home but I’ve gotten tickets to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi in TGV Indulge a week before bringing her home so I went for the movie and rushed home right after the movie.

Laurent 1st Day Home

Laurent’s birthday is on the 25th of September 2017 and she has 4 siblings. I know the other 2 which are Piger and Brownie her brothers. I’m not sure who got her sister though. I keep in touch with her siblings’ owners and we chat from time to time and meet up too. Laurent is definitely the runt of her litter. She only weights 7.3kgs at 3yrs old which is fairly small for a full grown adult French Bulldog as they normally weight about 11-13kgs. I’m actually very happy that she’s petite because if she was any heavier, I would struggle in carrying her to go out. Btw, she’s very obedient as well.

Laurent when she was only 3mths Old

Saint is also a very smart cookie. She’s now 2+ yrs old. Her birthday is on the 1st of April 2018. That makes her 6+ months younger than Laurent. They get along from time to time but because they’re both Alphas’, they tend to butt heads from time to time. Saint used to be very small compared to Laurent but now that they’re both adults, they’re about the same height. The basically fight over toys. But, when they go out, Laurent is super protective over her lil sister, Saint.

Laurent & Bruno, the pitbull playing
Saint’s 1st Day Home

Saint has always been very verbal since day 1. She would howl, whine and bark. But, she’s super precious and picks up things from Laurent. So, whatever Laurent does, she will follow.

Lil Saint learned to use the pee pad by herself

Saint actually came home when she was 8 weeks old and she was the most adorable thing ever. She was only slightly bigger than your hand/palm.

I love how precious and mini she was as a 8 week old pupster

So, what have 3 years taught me about having furkids? You have to be extremely patient with them and you’ll never go a day without feeling that you’re their whole world. They love you unconditionally with their everything. You need to be ready with the moolah (cash) because their food, vet visits when sick and yearly check ups + vaccinations and having breeds that destroy things, ie, their beds and other things require lots of money and cheap toys will vanish within minutes. I’ve had Shih Tzu’s previously and their toys appears pristine from day 1 till the day they cross the rainbow bridge. Btw, saying goodbye to a furkid is the most difficult thing I ever had to do. Break ups are way easier to be honest. With a Frenchie & Beagle, expect to throw away toys and beds every few months. I’ve bought them more than 10 beds over the span of the last 3 years and countless toys.

I’ve used so many different pee pads for the furkids but I still feel the best is from Pet Best Charcoal Lemon Pee Pads. I get them in Size M to fit the pee tray. It keeps the ammonia smell to a minimal but I do change and wash their pee trays every day atleast once. If you have furkids and use pee pads, this is definitely the pee pad to get as it’s thick, super absorbent and keys the smell at bay.


Part of My Collection… Bags + SLG

Everyone has things that make them happy or proud. For me, matching my handbag (arm candy) with my outfit makes me feel put together. Like if I were going for a nice dinner at Nobu, I would carry my Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Crossbody as a clutch or Chanel Le Boy. Whereas, going for a Gig, I would carry my Balenciaga City Mini. I know some friends who collects watches or sneakers, I choose handbags. What sparks joy for you? Please feel free to leave a comment below. ๐Ÿ˜€

I started buying luxury handbags back in 2015 when I started making money in Recruitment from the high basic salary + sweet, sweet commissions. I remember making RM20k just on commission alone in a month. Btw, when this post goes up, I’ve sold some of the bags because it doesn’t spark joy anymore and I feel that I’ve outgrown the style or colour.

Prada Saffiano Lux Galleria
YSL SDJ Baby in Croc
Celine Nano Luggage
Balenciaga City Metallic Small
Chanel Vanity Case Medium
LV Pochette Metis
Prada Saffiano Long Wallet
Prada Tessuto in Camou
Givenchy Antigona Mini
Chanel Le Boy Zipper Card Holder
Balenciaga Metallic City in Small
Dior D-Lite Embroidery Canvas
Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Crossbody


K Drama (Korean Drama)…

Recent years, I’ve been catching up on K Dramas and based on my observation, I noticed that there’s a common theme to them. Most tends to be used more regularly than others or it’s a combination.

  1. Rich Conglomerate Family and Poor Family (Star Crossed Lovers).
  2. They always apologizes.
  3. The guy is always the hero and gentleman.
  4. There’s always a jerk.
  5. There’s always a villain/bad person in the show.
  6. There’s somehow a love triangle. 2 guys liking the same girl or other way around.
  7. There’s always crying.
  8. Always a hospital scene.
  9. Someone is terminally ill.
  10. Someone is an orphan.
  11. Someone has a half sibling that they didn’t know about.
  12. Someone dies.
  13. They have an awkward kissing scene.
  14. Never a sex scene. It’s like Koreans don’t have sex at all. Hehehehehehehe…

That being said, so many around the world spend hours binge watching their favourite K Dramas until the wee hours of the morning despite having work in the morning. I remember the first K Drama that I grew up watching in High School, it was Winter Sonata. To be honest, my personal favourite is Crash Landing on You because there’s romance, comedy and action in it and every episode ends on a cliff hanger making you want to just continue watching the next episode to find out what happens next.

What’s your favourite?