K Drama (Korean Drama)…

Recent years, I’ve been catching up on K Dramas and based on my observation, I noticed that there’s a common theme to them. Most tends to be used more regularly than others or it’s a combination.

  1. Rich Conglomerate Family and Poor Family (Star Crossed Lovers).
  2. They always apologizes.
  3. The guy is always the hero and gentleman.
  4. There’s always a jerk.
  5. There’s always a villain/bad person in the show.
  6. There’s somehow a love triangle. 2 guys liking the same girl or other way around.
  7. There’s always crying.
  8. Always a hospital scene.
  9. Someone is terminally ill.
  10. Someone is an orphan.
  11. Someone has a half sibling that they didn’t know about.
  12. Someone dies.
  13. They have an awkward kissing scene.
  14. Never a sex scene. It’s like Koreans don’t have sex at all. Hehehehehehehe…

That being said, so many around the world spend hours binge watching their favourite K Dramas until the wee hours of the morning despite having work in the morning. I remember the first K Drama that I grew up watching in High School, it was Winter Sonata. To be honest, my personal favourite is Crash Landing on You because there’s romance, comedy and action in it and every episode ends on a cliff hanger making you want to just continue watching the next episode to find out what happens next.

What’s your favourite?


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