Cherishing The Memories…

I fight back tears,

Thinking about what lies ahead,

I’m scared of bidding farewell,

But, it’s inevitable,

And I’m not ready nor will I ever be.

How could I?,

When I’ve known you my whole life,

You gave me life,

You’ve always protected me,

You taught me to be,

The lady that I am today.

Seeing you in pain,

It makes me feel so helpless,

Maybe it’s selfish of me for wanting,

You to have faith and continue,


I love you so much,

And there’s still so many,

Conversations and memories to make,

Please teach me to be at peace,

And to be less selfish,

Give me strength to accept.

The courage to eventually,

Continue this journey,

While cherishing our moments,

And the time we had…

Written By: Valerie Atkinson

3rd December 2020