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The 8th Month of The Year…

Time really flies by so quickly. Well, I feel that’s the case for me in the recent years. I’m not just referring to the pandemic that we all have been experiencing since the end of 2019 – early 2020 but, more like once you’ve pass your 21st birthday. I’m not sure whether I would say it only goes downhill or uphill from there forward. Hehehehe… I know you get what I mean for those that sits and reflects on life every now and then.

4 more months and it’s 2023 and December this year would mark Mom’s 2nd year anniversary since she left us. Despite finally accepting the hard facts and truth that she’s now with the Lord, and getting some inner strength and ease of mind I would have to admit that I never stopped missing her and the good old memories we shared do play every now and then and I find myself smiling at them and sometimes, I can’t help but get choked up fighting back tears when I feel a knot form at the back of my throat.

Last Friday, 29th of July 2022 was a difficult day for me and many friends as we woke up to the sad news, that our dear friend and ex colleague Greg Bajien had passed away. He was only 39 years old. We joined ORIX on the same day back in 2008. Both our first corporate jobs after graduating from Uni/College. We immediately clicked and bonded over our passion for cars. Back then I was still racing and he had actually seen me race prior to meeting that very first day at work. He mentioned I looked familiar but, he couldn’t pin point where he’d seen me before until our Senior Marketing Manager made the informal introduction over lunch and mentioned that I race cars on the side.

I remember how our colleague never understood our car conversations that we would have every morning, every lunch break and after work. It almost seemed like we had our own bubble outside of the conversations we had with our other colleagues at work. Don’t get me wrong. We still had interactions with everyone in the office it’s just that when it came to cars, it was just us.

Outside of work and car talks, Greg played the guitar and he was in a band called Kolbenfaust where I’ve attended his gig in Subang Jaya and also because we would hangout quite a fair bit, I got to know his friends too. He loved skateboarding too among many other things. When he sold off his Satria and bought a GTO, I was his emergency contact when it broke down as I was the to go to person when it came to car related things. I would drive over and call him a tow truck and we would wait in the sun by the side of the road. I remember he even said, “Val, you’re the only girl that I know who would wait in the hot sun by the side of the road. Other girls would have either bitched about it or would be running to find shade to hide from the sun…” His remark made me laugh because it was somewhat true and also funny because for a moment it seemed like he forgotten what a big tomboy I am and that I love cars and what kind of car enthusiast and friend would I be if I wasn’t being my authentic self?

Proof that I love the sun. See how tan I was back then from all the car events I competed in and stood under the hot sun either at the track or somewhere? LOL!!

Greg was funny and direct and also he was very helpful especially when it came to those around him and his close friends. He was someone that you can count on no matter what. That’s what I loved about him. His honesty and bluntness. That’s what I’ve always looked for in the people that I choose to surround myself with. I’ve always loathe sweettalkers and liars and pretentious people and I would avoid them like the plague. Ask anyone who truly knows me. I don’t tolerate nonsense and drama even though I watch Reality Shows for entertainment purpose. It’s what it is, entertainment.

Typing about Greg in past tensed definitely hurts knowing that he has left us too soon. We definitely were good friends outside of work. Greg Bajien, you are already being missed by so many. Rest in Peace and keep on rocking with your guitar, skateboard and cars. Till we meet again in the future. Every year on my dad’s birthday I’ll remember this sad event. I really wished it wasn’t so but it is the reality.

XoXo, VA

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