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A Monarch, Great Grandmother, Grandmother & Mother Queen Elizabeth II…

Queen Elizabeth II

The World mourns the loss of a beloved Queen that reign for 70 years. Queen Elizabeth II was steadfast among a lot of things. I am deeply saddened like everyone, not because I knew Her personally but, I know the feeling of losing a truly loved mother and good friend. Seeing Princess Anne, Princess Royal’s face just shows how devastated she’s feeling while accompanying her late mother’s final journey before being laid to rest on the 19th of September 2022 at St. George’s Chapel which is at Windsor Castle alongside, Prince Philip her husband. A Mother and Daughter’s bond is truly unbreakable and is felt even in death even more when you have a dedicated Mother that you are very close to. My deepest condolences goes out to the royal family and the nation for the loss of someone that was such a strong pillar that most looked up to for guidance.

Mom, Dad & Cookie during Dad’s Birthday

Recently, I find myself missing not only my Mom but the things we did as a family. We were one close-knit family that ate together, went out, did shopping and many memorable things together almost every day. My Mom was truly the glue to the family we once had. It’s just very different now that she’s with The Lord. My Mom, like anyone else had her weaknesses but she was truly a dedicated wife and mother who was not only loved by her family, friends and those who were lucky to know her.

Cookie with Dad & Mom on their bed

My Dad was the one who taught me at a young age to love dogs as he had grew up with Puffy, his English Bulldog among other dogs that he had. My first encounter with a dog was when I was 2yrs old and it was at the Shah Alam Lake Gardens which was a place we would visit on the weekends for our walks and spending quality time together as a family. It was a white Maltese puppy and eventhough it kept barking at me, it didn’t differ me from reaching out to pet it by myself as my Dad armed with his Canon DSLR took the picture of that very moment.  

2yrs Old Me & The Maltese, my first dog encounter
Dad & Cookie enjoying an afternoon nap together. They were inseparable

We’ve had a few dogs over the recent years and we loved them so dearly that they had a special place in all our homes and cars. Cookie, our Shih Tzu which we had from 2008 – 2016 slept in my parents bed and travelled with them every trip they had up North. Like all our dogs, they are always welcome on the sofas as well. Cookie even had a place at the dining table and would have meals with us. She was a very big part of the family and even I used to complain that she was spoilt rotten by my parents, which they didn’t do with me. You’ve had to be around to see it, to believe it. My Dad, Mom and I cried so much when Hazel and Cookie crossed the Rainbow Bridge. That’s how much of a family our dogs are to us. I miss that side of my Dad among many other things.

Cookie & her seat at the table
Cookie driving Dad’s car

XoXo, VA

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