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2 Years…

Today, marks Mom’s 2 years anniversary since she left us. Still can’t imagine that it’s been 2 years already. 2 years seems like a long time isn’t it? Even though that may be the case, the feelings of missing her and all hasn’t lessen one bit for Dad, myself, our family and friends. Dad and Mom were inseparable and even he has mentioned many times that no one will ever be able to replace her place because Mom is his soulmate and that will never ever change and that they’d be reunited again when his time arrives to join her again in Heaven. Till then, we’re all just moving forward with life the best way that we can and taking each day as they come trying to live it the fullest.

To our surprise, Mom’s brother and family drove down from Ipoh to show their respects and love to her on her 2nd Year Anniversary. Mom’s columbarium is now full of bouquets of flowers. We had to find a way to arrange the bouquets of flowers for her. I know that Mom misses us as much as we all miss her dearly. No amount of flowers or homemade beeswax rose essential oil candles will ever be enough to show her that it hasn’t been the same without her around. Whenever we visit her, Dad and I always have to fight back tears even though sometimes, we lose the battle. Today, we were busy playing host to Mom’s brother and his family and showing them around her new home. We struggled since they speak more Chinese and very little English but, we managed somehow. This is where Mom’s presence always helped as she would translate for us.

Btw, I feel Mom’s presence every now and then as I know she’s protecting me esp. when I’m driving. I’m planning to visit you soon again because there’s so much to talk to you about and it wasn’t easy today to do that because of the need to play host.

We love you Mom.

XoXo, VA

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