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Changes Happens But It Shouldn’t Be For The Worse…

As human beings, we evolve through time, experiences and lessons that we learn. I understand that and I’m very “pro-be better” versions of yourself, be the best “You” – that you can be as you learn from your mistakes and grow as an individual. You strive to be better not for others but, for yourself because you want to shine and maybe even leave a legacy behind. I know that’s what I strive to be, the best version of me.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean perfection as perfect in human terms in unachievable but, that being said… the best version of yourself, doing good, having understanding for people around you, not being selfish is very much attributes that are attainable by having self realization, empathy and always seeing things from other people’s POVs (Point of Views) and not just yourself. To me, that’s the opposite of being selfish (selfless) in my opinion and many, in fact majority, most people lack this important attribute/character. If more people have the ability to just put themselves in other people’s shoes to understand their opinions, what they’re going through, alot of arguments along with unpleasant situations can be avoided entirely as one would understand others so much better.

So, when you finally find someone who completes you, naturally… they should make you work harder to want to be better because when you truly care and love someone, you strive to work harder because you want to shine not only for them because you feel a sense of belonging, pride and warmness from love and on top of that, you want to make them feel the love that you have for them through the things both big and small that you’d do for them just out of love.

What if you end up with someone but, instead of being a better person, you turn out to be worse than you started out. Like for instance, you forget the person that you once were. Let’s say, you used to care about a certain matter and now, you suddenly care less about the subject matter or have changed your mind completely about it. For instance, if someone was a family first person and now you’ve forgotten about that value and have started to drift away from family. What does that say about this person? I think most will agree that this person has changed for the worse as they have forgotten the values that were once truly important. One can choose who to be-friend and lose but, sadly one can’t choose who family is as you are born into a family whether they’re bad or good. Hence the saying, “Blood is always thicker than water…”

This is why, when you are family. You work through tough situations and disagreements as family will always be family at the end of the day. Your family are the ones that are there for you through bad and good and one should never forget that.

XoXo, VA

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