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Christmas 2022…

Happy Boxing Day!! How was Christmas 2022 for you? What did you get up to this year? Whatever and however you spent it, I hope that you had a good celebration with family and loved ones with good company and delicious feast of food. No White Christmas for me again this year. Maybe next year? A girl can only hope right? #wishfulthinking #positivethoughts #manisfestation

2023, White Christmas I’m coming for you. How I’ve missed snow and this time, I’m going to make a snow angel. No one can stop me!! 😛

I would like to think that I look very chic in winter wear and I’ve also upgraded my wardrobe since my last snow/winter trip to Northern Europe. Jeg savner dig!! I can’t wait to freeze my cute lil arse off while keeping warm in my winter wear and the warmth from the fire place.

Did you get a Christmas Miracle this year? If you did. what was it? Feel free to share in the comment below. I’m happy that Santa/Jesus answered your prayers/wishes. I’m hoping my prayers are being heard too. 🙂 AMEN!!

Let’s get back to the festivities and next, New Year’s Eve right?

XoXo, VA

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