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Chapter 1…

2023 is here already. Damn!! Another new year has begun and that means a whole 12 months of adventure and what you may make of it. I did not make any new year’s resolution as I always believed that it’s not for everyone since I live by my principle of being the best version that I can be and I don’t need a new year for that. But, if you did make some or any, what are they?

January 2023, it’s not only a new calendar year but coincidentally, it’s also Chinese New Year which falls on Sunday, 22nd January 2023. It’s the time of year where you start hearing “Tong Tong Chiang” and other upbeat Chinese New Year songs as you step foot into a mall here in Malaysia and not forgetting all the red fabrics, red clothing pieces and Chinese New Year decorations like Pussy Willows and red lanterns. Btw, I stay away from wearing red during CNY as it’s truly not my colour. The closest I would get to it is, coral or a pink shade but never red. I think in the past, I’ve only own 2 pieces of Karen Millen red dresses, which I wore one for my cousin’s wedding back in 2012.

Why red isn’t my colour? I feel it attracts too much attention and it’s a tad too loud for my liking just like I won’t own a Red Ferrari but, instead I would go for a black Aventador. 😛 So, I would most likely wear blue or green for CNY this year. Let’s see what pops up closer to CNY. Have you decided on what colour you would wear for CNY 2023 yet?

Also, are you looking forward to something this year? And how are you kick starting the year? Feel free to share in the comments below. 😀 I guess Happy New Year!! to you and may this be a year that you’d be able to look back on and be proud of. 😀

XoXo, VA

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