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International Shopping…

International shopping? What’s that? It could mean a few things, 1) You travel and shop during your trip. 2) You shop via a personal shopper that’s overseas. 3) You do shopping via the internet aka. online shopping and shop items and products from a different country as you can’t get the item domestically. So, how often do you shop internationally?

I personally enjoy shopping online and getting things from abroad because I like being different and owning things that other people around me can’t get their hands on that easily. Why follow the crowd right? Pave your own path. That’s what I’ve always believed in. I’ve been shopping online since 2009 and ordering things from US for instance. These were the days when most Malaysians were still very paranoid about online shopping and only a very few were willing to make payments and wait patiently for the ordered items to be delivered.

Boy, how things have changed during the pandemic since 2020, and because of the lockdowns that were imposed internationally and domestically, majority of people were stuck at home and could only go out to buy food/basic necessities within 10km radius of your home address for us here living in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Retail stores were closed until further noticed and for us; shopaholics we were left to do online shopping to fix our shopping cravings. 😛

This was also the period of time where Malaysians who didn’t believe in parting with their hard earned cash before being able to enjoy/touch the products and their conservative thoughts on online shopping was tested. They now had to wait for their orders to be delivered to their doorsteps versus paying for the items in store and walking out with them pre-pandemic lockdown. Patience is key here and also looking out for the deliveryman like a hawk. LOL… 😛 That includes checking on tracking every hour or so? I know that I’m guilty with that.

So, what do I normally shop for? My list consists of attires, tech gadgets, furkid stuffs that covers bedding, toys to bowls even, home & living, hair products, Casetify phone cases and so much more. So, what do you normally shop for online or internationally?

XoXo, VA

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