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Movie Review: Dog Gone…

I recently watched Dog Gone, a movie on Netflix. It was recommended by my Sis, Pam. I remember telling her that dog movies always leave me in tears. From Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, Marley & Me, Dog and so many more. It’s because dogs have the biggest hearts that they love unconditionally and they are loyal. So, when something happens like parting with one, losing one or when they cross the rainbow bridge to Heaven, how can one not feel anything? If you don’t feel your heart strings being tugged at, you are stone cold heartless. I’m sorry but, that’s the truth.

Spoilers Alert!!

Dog Gone is streaming now on Netflix and what’s even better? It’s based on a true story. Watch it if you are into heartwarming family movies. It’s about a youngster, Fielding Marshall who adopted a puppy from the pound when he was studying and they bonded and became best friends. ❤ It shows how the puppy, Gonker grew into an adult dog and when the boy graduated and he was still trying to figure out his career move, he moved back home to live with his parents and this was when the family slowly fell in love with Gonker too.

Unfortunately, Gonker had Addison’s disease, an illness in which the adrenal glands are unable to produce sufficient hormones. This scene made me cry seeing Gonker unwell. This meant that once a month, the dog had to receive hormonal injections, otherwise he could slip into a coma. It was a little over a week after an injection that Gonker disappeared, running away from Fielding during a hike. With the next injection due in two weeks, the animal’s life was in serious danger, which left Marshall utterly desperate to find him.

With flyers hung all over town, local news covering the case, and many kind strangers tipping off the family about possible sightings, the search for Gonker was on. It wasn’t until 15 days after the disappearance, however, that the animal was finally found. Someone had reported a sighting to the police, who promptly contacted Marshall’s mother about it. As it turned out, Gonker had traveled 178 kilometers (around 110 miles) but was in a well-enough condition when his owner reunited with him.

What I love about the movie was how Fielding’s parents quickly stepped into action to help their son find his beloved dog and the fact that his dad was so confident that they’d find Gonker despite the slim chance of it and how calm and patient his father was with him through the whole search around the clock. You can just feel the love and bond that father and son had despite not always seeing eye to eye with one another about choices and all. It’s truly the definition of family. Always being there for one another no matter the circumstances.

I highly recommend that you watch Dog Gone.

XoXo, VA

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