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A Note To My Future Children…

Dearest Daughter/Son,

I hope that you find this note/letter someday and that you’d be old enough to read and understand this. It is now March 2023, Deep down in my heart and soul, I am sure that I want you in my life my future children. I don’t know when it’ll happen or how it would happen but, I know and hope that I’ll get to meet you when the time comes. Until that day arrives, I can only strive to be the best Mom I can be to you when you get here just like how your Grandma, my Mom was to me. I feel sad that you wouldn’t get the chance to meet and get to know your Grandma, whom was a kind lady with a heart of gold who would have loved you as much or even more than I do.

Your Grandma taught me so many things in life but, living without her was the one thing she never could teach me. How could she, as she didn’t know that she would run out of time because the last 5yrs of her life was a crazy ride with too many downs but, also some ups and during those days, she felt great and because we followed all the routine checkups and necessary treatments, we had faith that she would beat the Big C. Just typing this out, warm stream of tears are flowing down my cheeks. I miss your grandma so very much and I know it’s inevitable but, someday you will have to deal with the emotions and feelings when my time is up too. I hope that you’d be strong and that you’ll go on with life knowing that I’ll always love you no matter where I’d be and I’d be looking out for you the best way I could.

I think you can tell that your Grandma was someone who was very close and dear to me. Indeed, she was and will always be and I hope that you and I can have that kind of relationship as you grow up into a decent, respectful, kind soul that loves those around you. Of all the achievements that I’ve made in my life, you would be my greatest one. I know I’ll be the bestest Mom that I can be to you with all my capabilities and strength. I would love you unconditionally. With you growing up, we will experience many twist and turns. Some days, I’m sure you’ll want to test my patience and make me so mad that I might say things that you wouldn’t like but, please know that I can never love you any less. I’ll be trying to see things from an adult’s point of view and also yours as my child that I need to guide through life’s ups and downs and I will always be there for you no matter what.

I hope that you will never feel that you failed me with the mistakes that you might make in life. Mistakes are meant to be made as we’re all just mere mortals with souls and we all have our weaknesses but, what matters the most is that you will take responsibility for the things that you do and that you will work on correcting your mistakes one way or another and that you will never blame others for your actions as you have the ability to control how you react and behave towards things that are thrown your way.

I love you my dear child.

Love, Your Mom

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