K Drama (Korean Drama)…

Recent years, I’ve been catching up on K Dramas and based on my observation, I noticed that there’s a common theme to them. Most tends to be used more regularly than others or it’s a combination.

  1. Rich Conglomerate Family and Poor Family (Star Crossed Lovers).
  2. They always apologizes.
  3. The guy is always the hero and gentleman.
  4. There’s always a jerk.
  5. There’s always a villain/bad person in the show.
  6. There’s somehow a love triangle. 2 guys liking the same girl or other way around.
  7. There’s always crying.
  8. Always a hospital scene.
  9. Someone is terminally ill.
  10. Someone is an orphan.
  11. Someone has a half sibling that they didn’t know about.
  12. Someone dies.
  13. They have an awkward kissing scene.
  14. Never a sex scene. It’s like Koreans don’t have sex at all. Hehehehehehehe…

That being said, so many around the world spend hours binge watching their favourite K Dramas until the wee hours of the morning despite having work in the morning. I remember the first K Drama that I grew up watching in High School, it was Winter Sonata. To be honest, my personal favourite is Crash Landing on You because there’s romance, comedy and action in it and every episode ends on a cliff hanger making you want to just continue watching the next episode to find out what happens next.

What’s your favourite?


Birthday Celebration Twenty Twenty…

It was my Birthday yesterday. I would like to thank all my friends for the Birthday Wishes on Instagram, Whatsapp Msg, FB Stories, FB Wall and FB Messenger these oast 2 days. Hubs got me a really thoughtful gift this year. A Nintendo Switch Lite Limited Edition + extras. Animal Crossing is all the rage now and high chances, I’ll also get WRC 8. He wants us to go on dates in the game. How sweet is he? ‚̧ I love him so much.

IMG_8500 (1)


As we all know in 2020, the Pandemic has changed alot of things including how we can and can not interact with each other. To be honest, I never really celebrated my Birthday since my 21st and maybe 2 years ago when I had a small BBQ + French Bulldog house party with some close friends + family. I did the BBQ-ing that night and loved it. I like playing with fire. Hehehehehe… It’s just that when I’m hosting, I make sure people are having a good time.

Anyway, this year of course I stayed home with the 2 Furkids. I ordered lunch + dinner and a small tub of ice cream as my Birthday Cake. I really miss eating cake. I miss being surrounded by family + friends. This year is a really lonely year for me. It really makes me wish that I could turn back time even more. The norm for my Birthday every year is to go for a nice meal with my parents. Btw, my parents went back to their Vacation/Retirement House as Mom’s long overdue for her regular check up with her Oncologist.

In all honesty, watching how the world has changed over the past few months truly scares me. Seeing people losing their loved ones, organizations and businesses closing down for good, people losing their jobs, some having to take pay-cuts and so much more. I don’t even know when we’ll be allowed to travel again due to the travel bans. This impacts me very hard because as some of you may know, Hubby and I are in a LDR (Long Distance Relationship). At this point, we haven’t seen each other since 5th of July 2019. In just about 2+ months time, it’ll be a year since we last hugged each other. On the bright side is, we managed to tie the knot last year as many couples that got engaged recently or last year have to now postponed their weddings that was planned for this year. I really miss him so much and I also can’t help but worry about him constantly as US numbers are increasing rapidly.

My Birthday wish for this year is that the world will recover from this soon and that it teaches everyone to not sweat the little things and cherish those around them as we are not promised tomorrow. I want to hug my Hubby so badly.


Welcome to 2020…

It’s been a challenging start to a new year. It almost feels like hiking up a really tough mountain trail, expecting to be amazed and greeted by a spectacular view but, instead you’re greeted by an avalanche and you’re in fear while holding on to dear life as you see things crumble and being swept away or covered with mountains of snow not knowing how you’re going to survive this catastrophe. That being said, I still believe strongly that there’s always a way, a solution for things no matter how bleak they may seem. That’s my optimistic side peeking out and assuring myself and everyone who reads this that things will eventually be better. *MEGA HUGS from me to you.