The Whit3puppy Brand…

I created the Whit3puppy name back in 2002 but, finally turned it into a retail brand in 2021. As we enter the third month of 2022, the brand has 3 products under the label with more to come. I decided to kick start the brand with organic peanut butter treats which I named Peanut Delight and then added Pumpkin Spice and finally Purple Dream – Organic Japanese Purple Sweet Potatoes.

They say that when you, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life…” I feel lucky enough to turn my passion into a business. Seeing those crazy tail wags and happy little faces is priceless. Don’t forget the drools too. LOL!! I know you get what I mean. 😛

I’m looking to grow the brand further with time and the support we get from our loyal, satisfied clientele.

If you’re interested to try Whit3puppy Treats.

XoXo, VA

Joys of Having Furkids…

As you can tell from the title that I love having furkids, especially dogs. Yes, I love them so much that I have 2 – Laurent, a French Bulldog and Saint, a Pocket Beagle. I honestly would have been so lonely if it wasn’t for them. I never ever pictured that when I move out from my parents’ place that I’d be staying alone but, I’ve lived alone for the past 2 years ever since my ex moved out. Since my Mom passed away last month, I’ve gotten my dad to move in with me as I know that he wouldn’t be okay living alone as he was very, very, very attached to my Mom.

Laurent + Saint keeps me busy everyday with feeding them breakie first thing in the morning when I get up and then of course I have to clean up after they’ve both gone potty. Because I don’t feed them kibbles, I have to prepare their breakfast + dinner right before I feed them. They have been on raw diet since early last year as Laurent has been struggling a lil with some food allergies since June 2019 when she was 2+ years old.

Talking about food allergies, I got her to take an allergen test last year which was on the pricey side. To my horror, she’s allergic to pumpkin which was one of the healthy choice of vegetable that I’ve been feeding her + the protein and other vegie for a really long time. So, I immediately removed pumpkins from her diet. So, ever since I’ve been feeding her beef tenderloin that’s cubed. I will try giving her lamb too eventually. It seems that it has sorted out her slight allergies. So, YAY!!

One thing that I feel bad about is not bringing them out for walkies like I used to when I had help. One thing I think many do not know about me is, I’m very anal about hygiene/cleanliness. Therefore, after each walks and before they can get back into the car, I wash their lil paws and once we get home, they get a full shower. So, that being said, it’s quite tricky to do it all by myself. So, what I have been doing is, I play fetch with them to ensure they get enough runs in to stay healthy. I also forgot to mentioned that they do zoomies and chase each other around the house every day. I’ve spoken to my dad and after the MCO 2.0/Lockdown has been lifted, I’d like to bring them to the park for walkies. I know they miss going out.

A month before my Mom lost her battle to cancer, I had a few breakdowns or better known as anticipatory grief and the furkids were always there keeping me company. They would look at me and sit quietly next to me while I pet them. That definitely gave me some comfort. I read that dogs can read humans emotions and I would have to agree with this as this wasn’t the first time that I was comforted by them. In the past, Cookie my Shih Tzu comforted me too when I was sad. How can you not love them?


My Furkids, Laurent & Saint…

I’m a proud Pawparent to 2 furkids, Laurent and Saint. Laurent is a French Bulldog and Saint’s a Pocket Beagle. I didn’t know that Pocket Beagle’s existed until I did a search. They’re basically Beagles but a miniature version of the breed. I got Laurent in December 2017, just a few days before X’mas. I remember feeling both worried to leave her at home for more than 4hrs on her first day at her new home but I’ve gotten tickets to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi in TGV Indulge a week before bringing her home so I went for the movie and rushed home right after the movie.

Laurent 1st Day Home

Laurent’s birthday is on the 25th of September 2017 and she has 4 siblings. I know the other 2 which are Piger and Brownie her brothers. I’m not sure who got her sister though. I keep in touch with her siblings’ owners and we chat from time to time and meet up too. Laurent is definitely the runt of her litter. She only weights 7.3kgs at 3yrs old which is fairly small for a full grown adult French Bulldog as they normally weight about 11-13kgs. I’m actually very happy that she’s petite because if she was any heavier, I would struggle in carrying her to go out. Btw, she’s very obedient as well.

Laurent when she was only 3mths Old

Saint is also a very smart cookie. She’s now 2+ yrs old. Her birthday is on the 1st of April 2018. That makes her 6+ months younger than Laurent. They get along from time to time but because they’re both Alphas’, they tend to butt heads from time to time. Saint used to be very small compared to Laurent but now that they’re both adults, they’re about the same height. The basically fight over toys. But, when they go out, Laurent is super protective over her lil sister, Saint.

Laurent & Bruno, the pitbull playing
Saint’s 1st Day Home

Saint has always been very verbal since day 1. She would howl, whine and bark. But, she’s super precious and picks up things from Laurent. So, whatever Laurent does, she will follow.

Lil Saint learned to use the pee pad by herself

Saint actually came home when she was 8 weeks old and she was the most adorable thing ever. She was only slightly bigger than your hand/palm.

I love how precious and mini she was as a 8 week old pupster

So, what have 3 years taught me about having furkids? You have to be extremely patient with them and you’ll never go a day without feeling that you’re their whole world. They love you unconditionally with their everything. You need to be ready with the moolah (cash) because their food, vet visits when sick and yearly check ups + vaccinations and having breeds that destroy things, ie, their beds and other things require lots of money and cheap toys will vanish within minutes. I’ve had Shih Tzu’s previously and their toys appears pristine from day 1 till the day they cross the rainbow bridge. Btw, saying goodbye to a furkid is the most difficult thing I ever had to do. Break ups are way easier to be honest. With a Frenchie & Beagle, expect to throw away toys and beds every few months. I’ve bought them more than 10 beds over the span of the last 3 years and countless toys.

I’ve used so many different pee pads for the furkids but I still feel the best is from Pet Best Charcoal Lemon Pee Pads. I get them in Size M to fit the pee tray. It keeps the ammonia smell to a minimal but I do change and wash their pee trays every day atleast once. If you have furkids and use pee pads, this is definitely the pee pad to get as it’s thick, super absorbent and keys the smell at bay.