Being Alone During The Pandemic…

It can get pretty lonely for the most of us solo people during this pandemic. I think it’s been quite depressing for the most of us that can’t sit quietly for long periods of time. I have to admit that I miss going out and spending time with friends over meals or drinks. Just going out catching up and all. The extrovert in me is suffering. The WFH (Working From Home) part isn’t an issue for me as I’m used to SOHO environment since early 2017.

It’s driving me crazy now because the gym and pool is closed. Well, to be exact it’s been close since early May 2021. I miss working out at the gym. It gave me solitude from the craziness. What have you been doing to keep you sane when you’re stuck at home?

Do you think being solo during this time makes you stronger or makes you feel extra lonely as it makes you wish that you were in lockdown with someone? For me, I’m getting used to being alone as I’ve been living alone since early 2019. I still can’t imagine how I’ve survived this long living alone. LOL. Adulting solo. 😛 I think I may have said this before, my plan was always to be living with a partner. But, living alone thus far has been pretty awesome too. I have 2 furkids to keep me company so maybe I’m not completely alone.

XoXo, VA

MCO 2.0 (Movement Control Order)…

Malaysia is implementing Lockdown Round 2 or better known as MCO 2.0 which started on the 13th of January till 26th of January 2021. I’m sure that it will extend though based on previous experience last year. So, what do we know from it? What are the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) ?

  1. No traveling.
  2. No social gatherings.
  3. Travel limited to 10km radius from home.
  4. 2 pax per car.
  5. Only takeaways are allowed for the food sector (Restaurants & Eateries).
  6. Supermarkets, Healthcare services, Banks are allowed to operate.
  7. Gyms and Pool to be closed.

To be honest, I’m okay with this. I have no complains about it. I know the Furkids are happier too as I’ll be at home more since we can’t go out to eat during this time. I’ve started going through my old clothes and have collected those that I no longer can wear or doesn’t spark any joy and have decided to recycle them by giving it to the Lady that cleans the corridors of my service suite. I’m definitely spending this at home time cleaning and clearing the place. Decluttering clears the mind right? 😛

What are you doing to keep yourself busy during this Lockdown?