Dearest Mom…

Dearest Mom,

If you could hear me or read this. This is for you. It’s been slightly over a month since you’ve left us. A day doesn’t go by without me thinking about you, missing you and our time together. I miss our daily conversations about almost anything under the sun. Honestly, somedays I still secretly hope that this was all just a dream, a bad dream that I’ll wake up from and you’ll still be here, healthy and doing well. I know that’s me being in denial about things.

I’m sorry for my breakdowns and tears. I can’t control them as much as I hate crying. You know I’ve never cried in public and always only cried when I was alone. But, you saw me crying a week before you left and you told me, “Don’t cry, don’t cry…” while you laid there in your hospital bed holding onto my hand. That was our last conversation we had before you stopped talking and laid there asleep for the balance of your numbered days.

This was the last pic we took together while we waited for the first MCO announcement last year. You insisted we took this wefie. 🙂

To be honest, I regretted not cutting your nails for you 2 days before you left us, I really wanted to but, I forgot to bring the nail clipper to the hospital. I know your whole life you were very particular about your hair and your nails. I hope you’re not mad at me for not grooming your nails one last time. It makes me cry when I think that I failed to give you the best when I could have.

Also, I’m sorry that there were days when I just didn’t know what to say or do to make you feel better. I felt so lost and confuse when I saw you in the condition that you were in. But, I’m sure that your situation was tough to for you.

I know we have our differences and our bad days before your situation got bad but, we surely had our good moments and days where we laugh so hard and we were one happy family. You were always there with your hand out for me when I fell down. You scolded, nagged me but, forgave me and accepted me for my weaknesses as any good mother would do. Thank you for always being there for me, loving me unconditionally and making me the lady that I am today. I know when you’re mad at me, you used to say, “You failed as a mother…”. I want to tell you that you did not. You were a good mother that anyone would be lucky to call, “Mommy”. I was lucky enough to have you in my life and I wouldn’t changed it for anything but, only wished that you had a long life because there is so many more things that I wish I could have done for you.

I love you Mommy and I hope that someday you’ll give me a sign that you’re doing well and that we’ll meet again someday.


MCO 2.0 (Movement Control Order)…

Malaysia is implementing Lockdown Round 2 or better known as MCO 2.0 which started on the 13th of January till 26th of January 2021. I’m sure that it will extend though based on previous experience last year. So, what do we know from it? What are the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) ?

  1. No traveling.
  2. No social gatherings.
  3. Travel limited to 10km radius from home.
  4. 2 pax per car.
  5. Only takeaways are allowed for the food sector (Restaurants & Eateries).
  6. Supermarkets, Healthcare services, Banks are allowed to operate.
  7. Gyms and Pool to be closed.

To be honest, I’m okay with this. I have no complains about it. I know the Furkids are happier too as I’ll be at home more since we can’t go out to eat during this time. I’ve started going through my old clothes and have collected those that I no longer can wear or doesn’t spark any joy and have decided to recycle them by giving it to the Lady that cleans the corridors of my service suite. I’m definitely spending this at home time cleaning and clearing the place. Decluttering clears the mind right? 😛

What are you doing to keep yourself busy during this Lockdown?